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Enough of the talk.....

Talk is great, but certainly not sustainable as a strategic and tactical tool for National transformation.

The most populous black nation in the world must be transformed to become the nation of our dreams, and this would be achieved when a critical mass of citizens band together to transform key sectors, one initiative at a time, one project at a time, one program at a time, executed in a coordinated manner.










Let me put these problem statements before you...


How can we grow a massive national community to serve as a long-term support group for product/service/social innovators to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world ?????

How can we saturate Africa and the world with disruptive, low-cost, market-creating, ''Designed in Nigeria-Made in Asia/Europe'' products ?????


How can we grow a massive national community to transform 6 Hospitals in Nigeria to world-class standards, with each hospital becoming globally competitive at doing one thing, at a cheaper cost, relative to its global counterparts, making it attract global patronage ?????

How can we replicate this strategy in Agriculture, key infrastructure support for SMEs and startups, Education, and Technology development ?????


I welcome you and I invite you to join KROWDPOWER (The Innovative National Development Community) by Dr. Noel Akpata, a closed community of change leaders and national development catalysts.


The community represents a platform where critical issues affecting National development are discussed and jointly tackled by leveraging vast global networks, human and financial resources towards the visible and tactile transformation of the most populous black nation in the world. #1Millionbootsontheground

Why I am founding this community.......


On the 30th of October 2020, as Founder of the Horasis-Nigeria Project and Cofounder of the Horasis-Nigeria Economic Development Council, I held a high-level meeting with the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR), and key members of the Federal Executive Council.


Horasis is a world-leading thinktank that brings together heads of Government, Global business leaders, Nobel laureates, and academia to engage critical issues facing the globe. (



meeting pic4.jpg

PIC: President Muhammadu Buhari(GCFR), Dr. Noel Akpata, Founder of the Horasis-Nigeria Project, Dr. Frank Jurgen Richter, Chairman Horasis, Governor Kayode Fayemi, Chairman Nigeria Governors Forum, Dr. Shamsudeen Usman, Chairman Horasis in Nigeria, Mansur Ahmed, President Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Gambari, Federal Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, Minister of Trade and Investment, Niyi Adebayo, Minister of Information Lai Mohammed, and several captains of Industry all in attendance.

In that meeting, my vision of creating Krowdpower and the Presidential Innovation Investment Forum,two strategic platforms towards leveraging the powers of a strong national community and aligning this with our global network of some of the world's critical and leading political leaders (Presidents/Prime Ministers), global Business Leaders, innovators, and changemakers, towards a more innovative and prosperous Nigeria, came to fruition.



                        Three global and national occurrences further bolstered my resolve to lead this initiative and grow this community at a national level......


First, I was appointed into the Global Steering Committee of the Silicon Valley-based World Social Innovation Forum in 2021 and created the Nigeria-Africa Social Innovation Forum in collaboration with the World Social Innovation Forum.


Secondly, I was also invited to join the global advisory board of OneAgrix, founded in Singapore where I co-led the management team to emerge Global top three at the 2021 International Finance Corporation organized selection event.

Thirdly, I led the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Nigeria after my meeting with the President of Nigeria and key members of the Federal Executive Council to create the nation's largest global interactive platform to attract investors, business, and political leaders.


KROWDPOWER (The Innovative National Development Community -INDC) will leverage this huge global framework presented by the Horasis-Nigeria Project to generate and execute several economically transformative, socially innovative, and national culture transforming initiatives to the benefit of the worlds leading African nation, as a proof of concept to stir up the continent.

KROWDPOWER will host a quarterly National engagement series which will be transmitted live on major television stations in the country. This nationally televised event will engage the nation's most innovative minds to discuss critical national issues towards joint execution by the Krowdpower/INDC community.

KROWDPOWER would co-execute significant national transformation initiatives (Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Technology) to the benefit of all and I want you to be part of this new movement.


Why should you be a member?









As a member of KROWDPOWER, you get to be part of a community of change agents who are national development-focused, execution-minded, and passionate about personal and national growth.









Once you subscribe, you will join the closed forum which details the vision, selected projects to be voted for by subscribers,  and co-executed in collaboration with stakeholders.

Subscribers will receive consistent coaching and mentorship from our vast network of global business and impact leaders.

Subscribers will receive a membership certificate and benefit from our community driven financial support services.

Subscribers will be automatic participants in the social innovation advisory network

Subscribe now to join the closed group...

Dr. Noel Akpata

Founder INDC


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