Why i am setting two Guinness World Records to support a Post Covid 19 economic recovery in Africa.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The Covid 19 pandemic has successfully reshaped the world in ways unimaginable. Suddenly,the streets are empty, schools deserted, planes grounded, humans socially distant, businesses grounded, face masks and shields now staples with fear and misery now family to so many citizens of the globe.

The first wave of this Pandemic is currently with us, a vaccine is not yet with us, a definitive treatment regimen is still far from us, yet it is visible to even the blind that a second wave is already here and it takes the form of a global economic recession.

The pandemic driven stock market crash on the 20th of February 2020 stunned the world and the drastic economic downturn that followed in many countries further cemented the grossly negative and adverse effects of Covid19 in human minds.

Two months after the stock market crash, the International Monetary Fund stated that all the G7 nations were either going into or already in recession with a drastic regression in the pace of growth in most other countries of the world.

My concerns for the African continent heightened as these global events unfolded. With more IMF predictions stating that this Covid19 induced global recession would likely be worse than the great recession in 2009, my concerns reached boiling point.

While on lockdown in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, i tried to imagine the seismic shifts in socio-economic,political and national competitive strategy that needs to happen to prevent several African Nations from going under.

I pictured the warning of biblically proportioned famine to hit over 30 developing nations with majority being African as predicted by the United Nations.

I pictured a Nigerian mono economy, largely dependent on crude oil sales,struggling to sell even a single barrel. I pictured dire scenarios of mass unemployment, mass layoffs, MSME failures, rise in crime and national unrests.

These headwinds cannot be wished away. Wishing isn't tactical, it is far from being strategic.

The Central Bank of Nigeria recently setup a 50 Billion Naira Covid 19 emergency response fund to help save businesses. Nations across Africa are responding in a similar a manner.

I have decided to contribute my own quota by leveraging the power of global world record setting to mobilize Nigerians and Africans around a common economic development goal. I intend to use these events to boost enthusiasm and morale, demonstrate practical ways in which everyone can be involved in the rebuilding process.

Two World records have been approved by the Guinness World Records.

A percentage of funds raised through this process would be made available for access to MSMES in the form of loans and grants. Another percentage would go into the creation of micro diagnostic centers in several locations across Nigeria and Africa.

Join my World record setting Patreon community by clicking here

I look forward to members of this community joining me in this process as we set the ball rolling as we launch this membership community and the world record setting process.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey.

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