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Nigeria Feeds the World Initiative (NFWI) founded by Dr. Noel Akpata, is set to competitively position Nigerian Agricultural and Halal food products for global markets.

On the 30th of October 2020 at the Presidential Villa, The Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) endorsed the activities of Horasis in Nigeria and its request to build its regional hub in Nigeria and setup its intervention initiatives within the Africa region.


(click here for details about the meeting......


Horasis is one of the world's largest international think tanks which brings some of the world's business and political leaders together to develop and implement critical solutions relevant to moving the world forward

The Horasis-Nigeria Economic Development Council created as a result of this endorsement by President Buhari has given birth to this agricultural and halal sector-focused initiative to connect Nigeria to the world within a secure and globally accepted platform.


This Initiative would execute the collaborative launch of Nigeria's debut on the world’s ONLY agricultural and Halal e-commerce solution integrating both Blockchain and supply chain traceability to verify agricultural and Halal certificates as well as food origin and guaranteed off-takers.


This world’s first B2B e-commerce marketplace for agricultural and halal food is a digital platform that integrates sustainability into an end-to-end supply chain, seamlessly connecting guaranteed buyers and suppliers in a singular customer journey and creating one ecosystem that serves the world and in particular, health-conscious consumers. 


This platform is endorsed by the World Economic Forum, and the International Trade Center emerging top 3 at the IFC/World Bank 9th International Food Safety Forum 2021


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