I welcome you and I invite you to join the Innovative National Development Community (INDC) by Dr. Noel Akpata, a closed community of change leaders and national development catalysts.


The community represents a platform where critical issues affecting National development are discussed and jointly tackled by leveraging vast global networks, global and local human and financial resources towards the visible and tactile transformation of the most populous black nation in the world.

On the 30th of October 2020, and as Founder of Horasis-In Nigeria and Cofounder of the Horasis-Nigeria Economic Development Council, I held a high-level meeting with the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR), and key members of the Federal Executive Council



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Dr Noel Akpata meets Government of Nigeria
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In that meeting, my vision of creating a strong platform towards engaging the world's critical and leading political leaders (Presidents/Prime Ministers), and global Business Leaders, towards a more prosperous Nigeria came to fruition.


The Innovative National Development Community will leverage this huge global framework to generate and execute several economically transformative, socially innovative, and national culture transforming initiatives to the benefit of the worlds leading African nation as a proof of concept to stir up the continent.

Annually, and on the final day of all Horasis business meetings in Nigeria, the INDC would co-execute significant national transformation initiatives to the benefit of all and I want you to be part of this movement.

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As a member of the INDC, you get to be part of a community of change agents who are national development-focused, execution-minded, and passionate about personal and national growth.









Once you subscribe, you will join the closed forum which details the vision, selected projects to be voted for, co-executed in collaboration with all arms of Government and the global community.

Subscribers will receive consistent coaching and mentorship from our vast network of global business and impact leaders.

Subscribers will receive a membership certificate and receive distilled briefings from all Horasis Global Meetings.

Subscribers will be automatic participants in the social innovation advisory network which would be an arm of the Horasis-Nigeria Economic Development Council.

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